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Troubleshooting IT Related Issues

When troubleshooting, unless it is obvious where the problem is coming from, you will need to check each component of the computer. Isolating the problem will help you solve the problem quickly. It is suggested that you backup all your important documents/files to another source. If the problem cannot be corrected, you will still have a safe copy of your documents/files.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

1. Close open programs and windows you are not currently using.
2. Make sure that all of your cables are properly connected.
3. Try to repeat the sequence of commands you performed before the problem occurred. See if this causes the same response by your computer.
4. Press the F1 key to access the Help window. You can search for a solution to your problem once the Help window appears.
5. If there is an error message, record the full message for future reference.
6. Restart your computer to see if it clears the problem.  
7. If restarting the computer does not clear the problem, shut down the computer, wait 20 seconds, then turn it on again.
8. If the issue is still not resolved, contact your system administrator.

Common Technology  Issues

Below are some commonly encountered technology issues.   
Printer not working.
Computer frozen or a program is not responding.
Keyboard is not responding.
New hardware or software is not working properly.
Mouse not responding or in endless spin.
Computer runs very slow.
Common Solutions for Printer Issues

Issue: Printer not printing.
• Check if the printer is turned on.   
• Check if the printer has paper.  
• Check if the printer has a paper jam.  
• Ensure that all printer cables are properly connected.
• Turn off the printer and turn on again.
Check to see if a new printer driver is needed. Do this by going to the manufacturer’s website to search for your printer model and checking for any updated driver. Seek assistance from your system administrator before installing any drivers.

Good To Know Terms

BIOS -Basic Input/Output System.
CMOS- Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. How long does the CMOS battery last? 10 Years.
PXE- Pre-boot Execution Environment.
NIC - Network interface card.
SCCM- System Center Configuration Manager.
DNS- Domain Name System.
FAT- File Allocation Table.
NTFS- New Technology File System.

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